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30 May 2017
How can a leading preacher or pastor who thousands follow and millions abroad have started to know and love wind up behaving in immoral methods most everyday church members wouldn't normally? This can be a question I am sometimes asked. The issue may be occasioned with the recent conduct of some prominent Christian leaders. Some of the people who raise such question come in effect questioning whether such spiritual leaders possess a genuine relationship using the Lord. I believe that these occurrences highlight the significance of the call to renew our mind.
The Bible informs us to, "Be ye transformed from the renewing of one's mind" (Romans 12:2). Paul the apostle was required to write these words towards the church at Rome. Put simply, these words are not directed at the globe but towards the believers in Christ.
Why is this a tremendous point? Because although the persons whom Paul was emailing were already Christians, he tells them they must become transformed by renewing their mind. This time lays the inspiration for what I must address on this page.
The key point is that although we're born again and become a brand new creation as soon as we accept Christ as our Savior, the renewing of our own mind is not instantaneous. And simply because we've got become born again does not mean we do not have messed up assuming that needs to be addressed.

God won't want us to think since the world does. He wants us to experience a God-focused view about life. For example, I sense that lots of Christians are troubled with the events currently happening within our world: The economy is detrimental, disasters are abounding plus more destructive, crimes have grown to be more unthinkable, our government virtually dysfunctional, etc.
Speculate God's people, our faith should be in Him and never within the systems of this world. His ability to offer His people just isn't at the mercy of the state the economy or anything else. He's provided us with the Word of God to change our way of thinking so that we would have this type of faith-filled perspective.
So what happens whenever we elect to not make the renewing in our mind a priority? I submit to you that a real decision could have negative influence on our fellowship with God. Think it over. Before we came to Christ, we had arrived living off the processed foods of this world: music with objectionable lyrics, pornography, dysfunctional family settings, promiscuity, emotional or physical abuse, etc. To be attuned to God and also to manage to sense the leadership of His Spirit in our life, we should fully grasp this junk from our mind and renew our thinking to get one with Him. Again, our main tool for completing this task change of thoughts are the saying of God.
This call to be transformed through the renewing of our system is no option but a commandment: "Let this mind have you, which has been and in Christ Jesus" (Philippians. 2:5). In effect, this verse is a commandment to permit mental performance of Christ to govern our everyday life. If our having the mind of Christ was incidental to accepting Christ, the commandment for us to "let this mind take you" will be a vain point, but this is not case. If we want to hold the mindset of Christ, we should make personal investment in the process.
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